DSN Radio


Disability Sports Network “Showcasing the ability in disability”Disability Sports Network is the one place to go for all your information needs if we don’t know the answer we will find it out for you.On this Site,  you will find out all information about disability needs for example Disability Taxi Vouchers, Transport Passes, accessibility on public transport. Information for where to go on technology, mobility access needs. A full calendar of events of social and sporting activities.

We broadcast Daily Radio shows at 8pm 20:00AEST including

  •  Highball (Goalball blind sports team sports show)

  • Blurred Lines (The American based sports show)

  • Around the bar with Buddha Show (general show about everything)

  • Speed of Sound (The England based sports show).

  • Showcase DSN

  • One of those nights

Tell us what you would like to hear some suggestions so far.

The Geek Show (everything you want to know about technologies),

VIP Lounge (guest interview each week).

Our Hosts

Show hosts and panelists will include:

  • Tony Telfer (Buddha)
  • Troy King (Zippo)
  • Graham Coulton (Fluffy)
  • Rob Crestani (Hairy Wombat) 
  • Leanne Fitzpatrick (Lady of League)
  • Murray Elbourn (MR MVP)
  • Matthew Hines (Gosse)
  • Kate Fitzpatrick (Google Kate)
  • Shun Fitzpatrick (Fitzy)


Whether you’re new to disability or had it most of your life this is the one stop shop to get your information so join the Network for regular updates and alerts.